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Twitter Traffic Sentiment

Market Overview

Using Twitter as a signal, we provide a high level overview of the client’s market. Below, we take a look at the leading golf clubs in the Southern Ontario (Canada) region. Based on traffic generated on Twitter (i.e., number of tweets), club Link is the most popular golfing destination in the region. Looking at the sentiment (i.e., the positivity/negativity) of each tweet, a second measure arises: customer satisfaction. Based on this second measure, patrons of Copper Creek Golf Club are the most satisfied.

Real-Time Tracking of Brand Awareness

Real Time Tracking of Brand Awareness

Another important service we provide, is real time data tracking and monitoring. Tracking issues that are of paramount importance to your business, to your market, and to your clients keeps you up to date and in touch. By monitoring your business online, you get immediate feedback to campaigns, breaking news, and announcements. Below, we provide a real time Twitter traffic and sentiment trajectory for Hero Certified Burgers, a hamburger franchise in Southern Ontario. Sentiment and traffic are more or less proportional, such that as traffic is generated, positive brand awareness is spread.

Business Intelligence Network Diagram

Know Your Client’s Needs

An added benefit of collecting tweets in a realtime and ongoing fashion, is the data-mining aspect. We use artificial intelligence algorithms to sift out and cluster keywords, trends, and the internet’s response to breaking news. This service can not only be used to apply corrective measures on marketing campaigns, but also to seek out new opportunities and collaborations that were not previously clear. These words can be presented as a list, or a network diagram.

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